Dilution factor Calculator
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dilution factor
Fill in two fields and leave the third to be calculated.
1. Select the desired type of calculator.
2. Fill in any two cells with the correct values and leave one cell to be calculated. You can fill in any two of these cells (From), (To) or even (dilution factor) and leave one of them blank. You can also switch between units.
3. Click “Calculate”.
4. The dilution factor will be shown to you.
(From) means before dilution.
(To) means after dilution.
It is known that volume increases by dilution while concentrations decrease, so in concentrations, the value in (From) field must always be higher than the value in (To) field.
Dilution factor = (Final Volume) ÷ (Starting Volume).
It is also equal to = (Starting Concentration) ÷ (Final Concentration).

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