Saudi Accreditation Center

Brief Description

The Center was established pursuant to Cabinet Resolution No. (600) dated Shawwal 22, 1440 AH corresponding to June 25, 2019 AD to transform the National Accreditation Committee (2004 AD) into an independent center under the name of “The Saudi Accreditation Center” to enjoy legal personality, financial and administrative independence, and is organizationally linked to His Excellency the Minister of Commerce. The center is the national authority officially authorized to provide accreditation services for conformity assessment bodies in the Kingdom and to upgrade their efficiency, to contribute to the enhancement of quality infrastructure and support the Kingdom's economy and prosperity.

The center performs a set of tasks as stipulated in its organization, such as accrediting conformity assessment bodies, providing training services and qualifying residents in the field of conformity assessment, participating in international and regional organizations and bodies, mutual recognition of conformity assessment bodies’ accreditation certificates, representing the Kingdom in international and regional organizations, in addition to coordinating With government agencies to provide relevant data in the field of conformity assessment, proposing relevant regulations, preparing studies and research, organizing seminars and conferences, and preparing a database for the center's activity.

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