Quality Control Chart Maker
Number of Readings
1-Enter the number of readings, then press (Insert).
2-After that enter the values, and press (Calculate).
3-The result will appear in the form of a table as well as a chart.

1-Although the this tool does not require entering units of the readings, it is assumed that all entered values have the same unit.
2-All results will appear without units as they have the same units as the entered values, except for (RSD%), which is always a percentage unit.

UCL = Average + (3 * SD)
UWL = Average + (2 * SD)
LWL = Average – (2 * SD)
LCL = Average – (3 * SD)
RSD% = (SD ÷ Average) × 100

Meaning of abbreviations:
SD: Standard Deviation.
n: number of readings.
x: value of reading.
x̄: average of readings.
UCL: Upper Control Limit.
UWL: Upper Warning Limit.
LWL: Lower Warning Limit.
LCL: Lower Control Limit.

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