Join us for the fun and benefit in Chemathon competition, which targets chemists and laboratory technicians as well as university students and alumni. It is held yearly online (live). Note that the duration of the competition is usually 30 minutes for 3 days, in which there are general questions in chemistry and all answers are multiple choices. However, the competition depends mainly on speed and gaining points during these 3 days.

  • Explanation of the competition and its mechanism shall be in the first minutes of the meeting.
  • The contest requires two devices connected to the internet, one to view the contest and the other to interact, participate and select the answers.
  • It is preferable to have a display device (Computer – Laptop – Tablet) and it is not necessary to turn on the camera or microphone.

Chemathon is divided into two parts (Blue-Chemathon) and (Golden-Chemathon) which are described below.

  • Contestants: All laboratory staff, chemists, students and alumni of universities.
  • The fourth week of October (Arab Chemistry Week)
  • 1st Place Prize:

    • 3000 SR (as Coupon)
    • 1st place certificate
  • 2nd Place Prize:

    • 2000 SR (as Coupon)
    • 2nd place certificate
  • 3rd Place Prize:

    • 1000 SR (as Coupon)
    • 3rd place certificate

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